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Season 2 has STARTED!!!!

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Mean Lady Talking


Inaugural Episode One

Talking About the history of GPYP, GPYB, GBOT etc etc etc

Show Notes and links to all the places you can hear the podcast HERE
To find out WHY the podcast is named what it is named, listen to  Episode 1. 
Other credits for the podcast on all show notes pages.

Episode Two

A short question about talking about legal questions on the future podcasts and answering an email from long ago but still incredibly relevant. Show Notes and podcast HERE

Episode Three

My apologies for the quality of the audio. My recording software actually switched from my professional microphone to the laptop microphone….see the difference? My apologies. It was in distribution before I realized what happened. It almost happened again after this but now I check it. LEARNING!

Talking about what happens when the entire Facebook group gets MEAN and what happens when you can’t keep your socks straight and it’s midnight and you have the flu and 103 fever?  (You will never ever guess the answer)

Show Notes and podcast HERE

Episode Four

It’s a Friday show and we are talking about Mail. We Get Mail and Questions From The Questions Post and a BONUS:  Stupid Questions from the Too Sad Too Bad Mailbag

Show Notes and podcast HERE

Episode Five

It’s a Tuesday show and we are talking about guilt and regret or “shoulda woulda coulda”

This is a very emotional podcast and I’ve received a TON of email about it. I’m glad it helps.  PLEASE spread the advice.

Show Notes and podcast HERE

Because the podcast material was a bit heavy, I leave an extra long outtro musical ending…hope it lifts you up!

Episode Six

It’s a Friday show and we’re talking about LISTENER MAIL!

Show Notes and Link to podcast HERE

Episode Seven

It’s a Tuesday show TALKING ABOUT trying to win over childhood struggles

Show Notes and Links to podcast HERE

Episode Eight

We are Talking About: Mail. We Get Mail. When we are the bananahead

Show Notes and Links to podcast HERE

Episode Nine 

Talking About: Feel the fear and do it anyway!!!

Show Notes and Links to podcast HERE

Episode Ten

Talking About: Mail We Get Mail when we have left-over anger at the narcissistic ex

Show Notes and Links to podcast HERE 

Episode 11

Talking about the fear of Not Getting Over It and discussing who doesn’t get over it

Show Notes and links to podcast HERE

Episode 12

Talking About Mail. We Get Mail.  Four letters about 1) hooking up and self-are 2) how to trust yourself again? 3) the un-loveliness of the alcoholic idiot 4) when others tell you to forgive the ex and you’ll feel better but you are STILL so angry!

Show Notes and links to podcast HERE

Episode 13

The story behind the Mean Lady’s breakup with the twits at Psychology Today and the launch of Navigating the Legal System with a Personality-Disordered Ex series

Show Notes and links to podcast HERE

Episode 14

Talking About Current Mail on the Aftermath of a Breakup with a Narcissist and Not Forgiving Yourself for Not Knowing Better

Show Notes and links to podcast HERE

Episode 15

Talking About Breaking Up With  A Narcissist Part 2: Defining Narcissism

Show Notes and Links to podcast HERE

Episode 16

Talking About the Standards and Compatibility Inventory

Show Notes and Links to podcast  HERE

Episode 17

Talking About The Personality Disordered and the Legal System Part 2 of 5

Show Notes and Links to podcast HERE

Episode 18

Talking About Self-Talk, Affirmations and Rejection

Show Notes and Links to podcast HERE

Episode 19

Talking about Male Stalking Victims who turn into murder victims like Travis Alexander and Ryan Poston

Show Note and links to podcast HERE

Episode 20

Talking More Dating, Standards and Compatibility 

Show Notes and Links to podcast HERE

Episode 21

Talking About Unresolved Losses and a Mountain of Grief

Show Notes and Links to the podcast HERE

Episode 22

Talking About Self-Revelation, Anxiety Disorder, Self-Deception, Standards in Dating

Show Notes and Links to the podcast HERE

Episode 23
Talking About Recycling in Grief

Show Notes and Links to the podcast HERE

Episode 24

Talking About Listener Email:  Is My Boyfriend a Narcissist?

Show Notes and Links to the podcast HERE

Episode 25

Talking About Fear of Intimacy and Destructive Relationships

Show Notes and Links to the podcast HERE

Episode 26

Talking About On-Line Dating and Honesty From White Lies to Catfishing

Show Notes and Links to the podcast HERE

Episode 27

Talking About Navigating the Legal System with the Personality Disordered Part 3

Show Notes and Links to the podcast HERE

Episode 28

Talking About Healthy and Dysfunctional Communication Between Co-parents and in a Relationship.  Also Secondary Losses

Show Notes and Links to the podcast HERE

Episode 29

Talking About Mixed Messages: Lies, Confusion and What The Hell Now?

Show Notes and Links to the podcast HERE

Episode 30

Talking About “Because I Love Him/Her Show Notes and Links HERE

Episode 31

Talking About Grief and Loss.  Links and Show Notes HERE

Episode 32

Talking About Relationships, Breakups, Grief, channel, getting past your breakup  Links and Show Notes HERE

Episode 33

Talking about Recovery  from Codependency (whether a little or a lot) and Building a Life Show Notes and Links to Podcast HERE

Episode 34 part 1

Talking About Listener Email 1 of 2  Show Notes and Links to Podcast are HERE

Episode 34 part 2  Show Notes and Links to Podcast HERE

Talking about breakup, memories

Episode 35

Talking about TEXTING and being in the moment. Show Notes HERE

Episode 36 A B C

Talking about Grief and Loss

Episode 36a ShowNotes HERE
Episode 36b ShowNotes HERE
Episode 36c ShowNotes HERE

Season 2 

Episode 37

Talking about Learning to Date 

Show Notes HERE

Episode 38

Talking about Missing the Signs

Show Notes HERE

Episodes 39a/39b/39c

Talking About Narcissists, Sociopaths, Psychopaths and the Watts Family murders

Show Notes 39a HERE

Talking About Narcissists, Sociopaths, Psychopaths and the Watts Family murders

Show Notes 39b HERE

Talking About Narcissists, Sociopaths, Psychopaths and the Watts Family murders – DSM definition of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Show Notes 39c HERE

Episode 40 Talking About This and That

Show Notes HERE

Episode 41 Chris Watts on Relationships

Show Notes HERE

Episode 42 Anger, Abandonment, Switching Gears

Show Notes HERE

Episode 43 Skepticism, Gullibility, Observation and Communication

Show Notes HERE

Episode 44 Grief and Gratitude 

Show Notes HERE

Episode 45 First Dates and Acceptance

Show Notes HERE

Episode 46 Dating 

Show Notes HERE

Episode 47 a First Part of Narcissistic Personality Disorders Review

Show Notes Here

Episode 47 b Second Part of Narcissistic Personality Disorder Review 

Show Notes Here

Episode 48a and b Codependency 

Show Notes HERE

Episode 49 a and b No Contact, Codependency and Personality Disorders

Show Notes Here

Episode 50

Episode 51

Episode 52

Episode 53

Episode 54

Episode 55

Episode 56



To ask a question or send a situation you would like advice on or even to share how the GPYP/GPYB/GBOT program is working in your life here is how to get in touch with me:

Email meanladytalking@gmail.com
Twitter @meanpodcast


Samples of non-friend, non-relative REVIEWS from iTunes, SoundCloud and the Mean Lady Talking Facebook Page

    • Wonderful advice!  Spoiler alert. She’s not really mean. Great no nonsense advice. So happy I found this podcast. Her books have been immensely helpful and kept me off the hamster wheel.Just what I needed to hear…    
    • Excellent, I cannot wait to hear more. Susan, its like you’re sitting there with me and talking. I love it, while my commute is only 8 min, I listened while getting ready this morning. Keep it up! You’re a blessing mean lady  – Jessica A
    • I stumbled onto this pod cast when doing a search on Amazon for help starting over after a terrible divorce followed by a very difficult relationship with a narcissistic man. I am still climbing out of the mess of the relationship but these pod casts are the pep talks that I have been looking for that my friends are too fed up to give! Great advice!!! by llamamama7
    • She really knows her stuff. I have learned so much from this podcast. I hope she can help you as much as she has helped me. I also enjoy her book Getting Past Your Breakup by Mayra C
    • These podcasts have been a lifeline to me when I’m traveling. They are all brilliantly done and make things seem so clear. I give credit the “Mean Lady” for telling it like it is and sharing her experiences in a very down to earth and approachable way – it truly feels like these podcasts are speaking to me personally. – – Alison M (member of the FB group).
    • Very helpful for anyone trying to recover from the end of a relationship and heartbreak. -Kathy De
    • Her books and supportive talks saved my life!  – Aaron F
    • Wise, supportive tools for healing. Highly recommended. – Martha J
    • Amazingly good – all of them.  – Gwen T
    • I really found this episode helpful. I liked the part about communication. I don’t always speak up when I have an issue with something. And then if I’m not heard or understood for long enough, I blow up and I don’t like who I become. It’s taken me a long time to realize that if you want to work out a compromise, but the other person isn’t interested, then you have your information. That may not be the relationship for you.  – Grace M
  • Coming from an accomplished author who has been there, done that. Its helpful to hear the truth when you need to hear the real truth, without having it sugar coated for you. – Dave T
  • This is no nonsense break up advice from someone who has been through it all AND has the necessary education and credentials to give sound advice to those in distress from a bad relationship. In addition she has a wealth if training in recovery and shoots from the hip. What I like most about Susan is her experience mixed in with her expertise-and her willingness to laugh at herself. All the drama our emotions create-she helps us put into more appropriate perspective-with her own history and training.I love these pod casts, they are filled with straight talk but also humor and affection. – Aimee S
  • Good honest advice, No BS. ~ Maria S

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