GPYB Stop DV Program

stop the painAs a former domestic violence victim, I try to work with DV shelters and organizations as I can.  I donate a portion of my royalties to buy books for DV shelters.  This is another reason why reviews and likes etc. are SO important. If you CARE about Domestic Violence, please consider donating books to your local domestic violence shelter and I will match it.  I also give scholarships to GPYB boot camps, seminars and workshops. Again, reviews result in royalties and royalties result in scholarships. Please consider reviews, likes etc.  Please go to the Resources page and check out ALL the GPYP/GPYB/GBOT resources and how to review/like/subscribe. We TRULY appreciate it.

There are 4 parts to the DV Program.
1) Speaking
2) Matching Book Donations
3) Scholarships
4) Legal work

If you want to know how you can help, please see below.




While I do paid speaking engagements (even when the payment is only my travel fees) on many subjects and do private boot camps, workshops, seminar and speaking, I do local DV speaking gratis.   I wish I could do more and travel more places just to tell my story of getting out and building a wonderful life and all the resources available, but the costs tend to be prohibitive.

A few years ago I did a weekend retreat out west that was sponsored by a church for women who were newly out of dv relationships.   All of the space, food, etc was donated by local sponsors in exchange for signage and they collected enough money to have me come out and I stayed in the retreat house so I didn’t have any expenses but the flight and most of it was paid for. So if your community is not in the Northeast, there are ways to work around the expenses.  Also substance abuse treatment centers that have strong women’s programs can be very inventive when it comes to this.  I’ve done weekend GPYB bootcamps (intensive 3 day affairs) where the host has brought me there. One of my best experiences was a group of women who brought me out west and they held the bootcamp at one woman’s “clubhouse” on the grounds of her condo.  They paid for my travel expenses and a nominal fee for each for the bootcamp.  In the course of that bootcamp the abuse of one member came out (no one knew about it before).  I was able to spend time with her before I left and she “came out” – so to speak – about her abuse and how to go forward.

I also speak at local schools and my abuse started in high school at the hands of 13 and 14 year old boys so I truly feel it’s important to go to high schools and tell both boys and girls about domestic violence and its effects on you and you don’t grow out of it and boys don’t just become nicer. If you know of a high school that is running DV awareness programs for high school kids and need some help, please DO NOT hesitate to give them my contact numbers (below).

Another issue for me is the male stalking victim.   Boys are not trained as to what to do if your girlfriend threatens to commit suicide if you break up with her or what to do if you  think she is stalking him.  I have 2 articles about male stalking victims and believe it’s important for boys to know this information.  Parents also need this information.  When my youngest son was in junior high, he kept trying to break up with his girlfriend who kept threatening suicide.  I sat him down and told him that if she did that, it was her choice and nothing he could or should do about it.  It was a long talk which needed repeating until he did it.  He broke it off and she’s still alive and well.

If you are a high school counselor who would like me to participate in a local (w/i 100 miles of NYC) DV Awareness Day, please let me know.

2. The Matching Book Program

The first chapter of the Getting Past Your Breakup book is My Story which tells how I escaped a life of violence to be healthy, happy and whole. The rest of the book is how I did it and how I have helped others do it for 25 years. It’s about getting past a breakup and building your life again.

If you are finished with a book or have a second copy (now that it’s on audio, many have switched to that and give their book away) please donate to an organization that can use the book and let me know and I will match it, either to that or one in NY or NJ. Please make sure the shelter or organization is still in existence. I have sent out so many books that have come back because it has closed (so sad) so I try to send books to well-funded organizations and hope they make it into the hands of those who need them. I am also saddened that DV education has taken a hit due to budget cuts in many other organizations (schools/hospitals) where it is greatly needed.

If you are a therapist who recommends the book to former DV victims and would like to buy copies for them, I will gladly match them.

If you have the books, please review the books Getting Past Your Breakup and Getting Back Out There on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Good Reads, anywhere your review will be seen, and the workbook on the FB GPYP Workbook page.  Good reviews boost sales and sales increase scholarships and give aways to non-profit DV organizations.

Caveat: We never ask for phony reviews, reviews from people we know who haven’t read the book, and we don’t pay for reviews either with a quid pro quo (other authors) or money, so please don’t ask. It is imperative that we remain ethical and conflict-free. Thank you for understanding.

3. Scholarships

I take 10-15 percent (depends on the price of the offering) of every paid registration fee to any GPYB offering, all of the ad revenue from YouTube videos and Amazon Associates (when you purchase from Amazon, please use the GPYB Recommended Page…there is always a generic Amazon banner up top  or purchase one of the recommended products) and put it into a Scholarship Fund for people who want to attend a GPYB course offering.  The Amazon Associates page generated $25 last month so we have a ways to go.  So please try to remember to buy from the GPYB link whenever you buy from Amazon.  I also used to put ALL of the money from Psychology Today into the scholarship fund but they flaked out on domestic violence victims to side with cyberbullies so that revenue is gone.  @psychologytoday has TOLD my readers that I do important work and have an important message to send but they SIDED with cyberbullies anyway. They FIRED a victim of cyberstalking and cyber harassment to SIDE wit the perpetrators.  If you read Psychology Today, please STOP or write to the Editor-in-Chief and tell them what you think.

I also give scholarships whenever I have a seminar, bootcamp or retreat and students don’t have the money (usually because abusers keep a close eye on the finances or a single mom on a teacher’s salary with deadbeat dad). I don’t normally ask people for money (just send books if you can or purchase through Amazon – if you’re in the US…I have been applying for Canada and other locales for Amazon Associates but it’s not there yet) but many people over the years have contributed to the DV fund including those who have paid for seminars or retreats and cannot make it.  I don’t typically ask for direct donations, but if you are interested in just donating to the cause, I can send a link to do so.


All money earned through Amazon Associates is donated to the GPYB Domestic Violence Program.  If you shop Amazon, please do so through our link.

4) Legal

I have been helping DV victims apply for protective orders long before I became an attorney and have done it throughout law school and my legal career. If you are in an abusive situation and need help with a protective order or legal information (without a representation I cannot give advice but I can give information), please let me know.  If you need me to look over an affidavit for a protection order, I work with people for a reduced fee and a set number of hours, agreed to by both parties, ahead of time.

I also do divorce coaching and give really good rates to people who are DV victims and are proceeding pro bono.  See HERE for information.

If you are a divorce attorney or a family law attorney who needs an attorney to consult with your firm or on your case that involves domestic violence, please let me know.

Contact information below.

Direct Donations

We donate 10-15 percent of EVERY royalty statement to the STOP DV Program. The BEST thing you can do is to BUY and REVIEW the books – both GPYB and GBOT – GBOT has not yet earned out its advance, but as soon as it does – we will be donating money from that to the STOP DV program.  PLEASE also review both books – especially GBOT.

We donate 10-15 percent of every WORKBOOK sale and the new BULLETIN SERIES to the STOP DV PROGRAM.  Please go to the Workbook’s Facebook page HERE and leave a review.

We encourage you to do all the above and if you already have and still want to make a direct donation, please write to us and let us know what amount you would like to donate and we will send you an invoice which will also serve as your receipt for your donation.



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