GPYB Holiday Boot Camp 2021

Aug 31, 2021


The GPYB HOLIDAY BOOT CAMP is the MOST POPULAR BOOT CAMP of all the boot camps. It’s GOOD to have a support system through the holidays, after a breakup, when a pandemic is raging and the world is in turmoil. 


Before you read, please understand that GPYB boot camps are not cookie cutter. We have a tentative topic list and schedule (see Q 5).   

We try to keep GPYB boot camps affordable and there are generous discounts and multiple options for payments including interest-free payment plans. If you need a payment plan structured differently than the one offered by default, please don’t hesitate to ask. Because post-breakup holidays can be incredibly stressful, we try to make the Holiday Boot Camp as affordable as we can. 

The boot camp is typically 12 weeks with two off weeks.  After your mid-way 1:1 you will be guided to the work you should focus on.  We sometimes add an extra week and change topics around depending on what members are struggling with (if a boot camper is struggling with a topic that is coming later in the boot camp, we move it up.) So please understand that the time schedule and topic list is tentative.   We have recently added an extra break week and an extra boot camp week as boot camps have not been ending after 10 weeks. Things come up and people need a breather, at the end, to catch up on assignments or just rest a minute.  Therefore we have extended the LENGTH of boot camp though the work level is the same as in 10 weeks.

But PLEASE read these FAQs carefully and understand what boot camp is going to be about – especially the commitment to calls and journaling.  If you’ve done a boot camp before, things have changed so I suggest you read through as well. 

This is the introduction to the FAQ for GPYB boot camps. The HOLIDAY boot camp which is a modified BBC starts mid to late October and runs to the first week of January. Advanced Boot Camp starts February 2022 (mid Feb).

Please read carefully as this information is very important for when you’re IN boot camp. If you’ve taken a boot camp before, you are more than welcome to return to BBC or wait until ABC starts but those in the Summer 2021 Basic Boot Camp and Holiday 2021 Basic Boot Camp will have preferential admission to the ABC if they’re ready (if you want to be guaranteed a spot in ABC, you MUST do the work in Holiday 2021 BBC even if you’ve taken a boot camp before).   ABC is NOT just BBC with “advanced” topics. It’s a different pace to prepare you for doing the program, continuing the program, on your own. 

If you have taken a boot camp before and KNOW you were very lax on journaling and responding, please take BBC again as I do not want to “ding” you for ABC when the time comes. ****ALL applicants to ABC MUST have been very active in their BBC. I cannot run the risk of having someone in Advanced who is not motivated and/or self-directed and that is evident by your Journaling and Call participation in BBC. ***

We have many people who have done 3-4 bootcamps and have benefited from that before tackling ABC.  Many people have to take it slower and ABC goes at a very fast, self-directed pace. The majority of people who took the last ABC are people who had done a very recent boot camp and worked very hard and met all the requirements of those boot camps.  We have included the description of Advanced Boot Camp in the FAQ below. 

If you took a boot camp before and did not keep up with journaling and calls, you will be asked to do BBC again.  This is not to punish you, but ABC is very limited and more self-directed and you must have shown a willingness to do the work in BBC. Others simply want to refresh the “boot camp mindset” or continue work they started in their first boot camp before going into ABC and working on advanced topics at a faster pace.  It’s up to you.  Right now, in the Summer 2021 boot camp, half of the boot campers have taken a boot camp before so it’s MORE than okay if you want to do that!

If you’ve done BBC before or a holiday or codependency boot camp, you are welcome to join this one (for those who want the codep boot camp, I have incorporated that material into BBC).

The next BBC boot camp starts mid to late October – on the date that everyone can start.  ABC starts in mid February 2022. 

IMPORTANT: We are returning, just for the Holiday Boot Camp (and because it IS the Holiday boot camp) to scheduling the calls from week to week.  The spring Basic Boot Camp will be held, again, on Tuesday evenings 7-9.  If you want to join a boot camp but need a more flexible schedule, join the Holiday boot camp.



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