GPYB Coaching / Counseling – 2018

If you need an appointment sooner than the scheduler will allow you to make, please make an appointment and then email me for a change. I will work with anyone who can’t wait days and is in a lot of pain. Just make the schedule, submit payment and then email me for the change and we’ll figure it out together.
Thanks all!

NEW in 2018: Text coaching. How it works: You send me a long email telling me your situation, where you are (if you are) in the GPYB program and I send an email back stating what I think you need to work on. After that you get 10 text message strings. Why I say STRING is because if you text me and say “I really want to contact my ex.” and I write back, “What is it you want to say?’ and we talk about that, that counts as 1 text message so long as it’s all on the subject you initially texted about. So you get TEN text strings. You can text me anytime between 7 am and 9 pm New York time and I will respond within an hour.

After that you can buy 5 or 10 more text strings at a time.

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