Book #3 Contributions

VorlageFor those who are new, I’m writing a new book based on this post:

New instructions for sharing your story & please resend if you already have:

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  1. dtm123 says:


    That article moved me on every level. I am very much looking forward to your next book.
    I will be sending you my story via email, as almost every aspect of the article illustrates every feeling and emotion I have experienced in my recent breakup. Hopefully you will fine some of it worthy for your book.

    • Susan J. Elliott says:

      Thank you! I almost always use something that everyone sends me. Sometimes not verbatim but I will roll a few that are alike together. So it’s never a waste and I appreciate everyone’s efforts!

  2. Mystar4ever says:

    Well here it goes, I’ve loved this man sense highschool, about 15 years now, he buzzes in and out of my life and has drug me through his emotional roller-coaster of his problems with drugs and alcohol. I admit I am an enabler at least that’s what everyone calls it. I just want to be around him and I guess that what makes me one. He makes me weak in the knees I can’t stop loving him, I have such a hard time in life when he rejects me after I know he uses me. It’s pathetic, why can’t I help it? I know why now because of your article. I’ve loved this man sense I’ve met him, I’ve had those “this is the one vibes” yet he never has. HE plays the I want you card and strings me along until it gets to serious then he pushes me away. Thank you for this article, it really struck me in so many ways on how I’ve been feeling and it opened up my eyes and showed me that it really isn’t me it is him and his inability to love someone else other than himself. THANK you!

  3. dlowery46 says:

    Hey Susan

    I really needed this article. i break up with my girlfriend so I could be a better person and I didn’t want to make her suffer for my problems because I didn’t know how to open up. but it went downhill. She said she fell out of love with me and cant see us as being together again cause she doesn’t wanna go through all the pain. But I didn’t want the break to last long cause I got better and wanted to show her. But I still acted like a boyfriend when she was trying to move on and I pushed her away. I felt replaced and like the year we spent meant nothing to her. I’m learning to accept they very well not be together and I’m trying to love myself more. I don’t know how to move on however. Deep down I don’t want to but I know I need to.

  4. Me says:

    Hi i am suffering from same trauma. I have just down my social networking profiles. My spouse left me and now shes asking for a divorce i am broke i did what ever ican for her please can i have ur email or something i really at the last level of depression i need helpp pleaseee

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