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Since it’s publication in 2009, Getting Past Your Breakup has been consistently recognized as one of the top breakup books of all time. Publisher’s Weekly, the voice of publishing, called the author’s arrival on the scene an “acclaimed debut.”  The book was About.com’s self-help book of the year and it received the International Book Awards in 2010 for best self-help book in the Relationships Category. If you “google” “Best Breakup Books,” an image of GPYB usually pops up first. 

The accolades continue into 2021 – which will mark the 12th anniversary of the publication.

Author, Susan Elliott is recognized as a relationship expert who turned the breakup process on its ear and introduced the world to her successful program for getting over any breakup.  GPYB is the most successful breakup program in the world!  Read the book that started it all!

Below are some of the “Best Breakup Book Lists” that includes GPYB

Best Breakup Books by Ben Michaels, Ph.D. of the Huffington Post

What they said about GPYB:

This is my favorite no-nonsense break-up book. Elliott is supremely practical and behavioral in her approach to how to avoid getting sucked back into a dysfunctional relationship. Her “cold turkey” strategies are incredibly useful for people who need concrete advice on what to do next.

Top Breakup Books by Marie Claire UK

What they said about GPYB:

In true Beyonce fashion, Susan J Elliott helps you through your break-up reminding you that you’re the best thing he never had. With tips and strategies for everything from how to be by yourself to Not Calling Him, Elliott’s no-nonsense approach has made this break-up bible one of the most popular self-help books on the subject worldwide. Only bother if you’re over the wallowing stage and are really ready to Do The Work, as they say Stateside.

Best Breakup Books by About.com and 

The 6 Breakup Books You Must Read by MyDomaine

What they say about GPYB:

An excellent breakup book that assists not only in dealing with the shock of a relationship ending, but also how to move past the breakup to become a stronger, better person in spite/because of it. Topics such as dealing with breakup myths (“I need closure!”) and boundaries (how do I not get into this situation ever again) are refreshing and well-suited to the tone and style. Highly recommended

The 5 Best Breakup Books For Getting Over Heartache by Goalcast

What they said about GPYB:

Another incredibly practical breakup book, Susan J. Elliott’s enlightening guide is especially perfect for anyone who is finding it difficult to move on and resist the urge to pick up their phone and dial the ol’ ex.

This book is also great because of how it helps you reframe a breakup into a stepping stone to move forward with your life even better than you were before.

Books To Make Your Divorce Easier by Bustle.com

What they say about GPYB:

Since its publication in 2009, Elliott’s book has become Amazon’s bestselling self-help book on divorce. The author herself divorced her first husband and remarried happily — the detail most readers look for when looking for an expert on divorce. Elliott popularized the no-contact rule and also developed “inventory” writing tasks to help readers focus on why you are better out of the relationship. Even if you’re a little skeptical on self-help books, it’s worth a gander.

The Law Corner’s Top 3 Books When Getting Divorced:

Everyone knows that break ups suck — this book helps you move past the break up. Don’t focus your attentions on winning your ex back. Don’t but your own beliefs and wants aside in hopes of making this person love you. Instead, use this book for the roadmap to help you through your painful breakup or divorce.

The 5 Healthiest Books After A Divorce – Daily Mail (UK)

What They Said About GPYB

An Amazon bestseller on moving past the end of a marriage and working through the grief of losing a companion. Author Elliott is a qualified grief counsellor, and motivational speaker on marriage.

The Health Site’s Best Books After A Breakup and

Four Must Read Breakup Books by Goodtimes.com

What They Said About GPYB:

Elliott is supremely practical and behavioural in her approach to how to avoid getting sucked back into a dysfunctional relationship. Her strategies are incredibly useful for people who need concrete advice on what to do next.

The Bookworm Sez

What They Said About GPYB:

From the devastation that comes at the end of a relationship, through the reeling, dealing, and healing, author Susan J. Elliott worms her way around all aspects of a broken heart. In doing so, she offers plenty of examples from her clients and from her own life.

That adds a good touch of relevance here, but what’s nice about this audiobook is the firmness of Elliott’s advice: she hand-holds, but she’s also very no-nonsense. When you’re digging your fingernails into the last shreds of a relationship and it’s time to move on, that attitude is often exactly what’s needed.

Yes, this audiobook might seem like a lot of common sense because it is. In matters of the heart, though, when it’s hard to see the obvious, “Getting Past Your Breakup” will help you see a crystal-bright future.

The Guardian – 9 Best Books To Overcome Heartache

What they said about GPYB:

If you want a no-nonsense, practical guide on how to survive a breakup, this book is just the cure you need. Elliot gives very practical tips on how to deal with a breakup without falling back into a very dysfunctional relationship. Getting Past Your Break-Up is extremely useful for those of us who need very concrete advice on which steps to take on your path to healing.

Rapid Breakup Recovery full review HERE


In Getting Past Your Breakup Susan J. Elliott does an excellent job breaking down a lot of the key challenges faced by those going through a breakup. With a focus on embracing your emotions, and putting yourself first, Susan lays out a solid foundation for recovery.

Broken Heart Cafe: Best Breakup Books for Women

What they said about GPYB:

After a break-up the first thing we want to do is focus and dwell on it. The author helps us see that the focus shouldn’t be on the why or how to get lost love back. She helps us see that the focus should be about working on YOU pretty girl! A highly recommended book!

The Best Breakup Books for Women

Optimal Life Wellness Center’s Recommended Books 

Womens Divorce: Best Books for Starting Over 

What they said about GPYB:

This is a great book to help you get through the anguish and devastation you feel when your marriage ends. It’s full of practical tips for all women who find themselves single after many years of marriage. It can help you adapt to the changes in your life, make order out of the chaos you’re feeling, and help you start rebuilding your life independently.


Steps to Happyness

Best Resources for Breakups

Karen Covy: 20 Best Books for Divorcing Friends

What she said about GPYB:

Another classic, this book provides you with a road map for getting through your divorce and to move past it.

New to Know

The Best Breakup books

What they said about GPYB:

Getting Past Your Breakup is the most effective plan for getting permanently past a breakup, getting your confidence back, and opening yourself to true love. This book is a proven road-map for overcoming the painful end of any romantic relationship, even divorce. Susan Elliott has helped thousands of clients and readers transform their love lives.

Divorce Resources (a secular guide for Christians)The Eight Stages of Separation

Even though GPYB is famously non-secular, it appears first on their list of resources, saying, “A proven roadmap for overcoming the painful end of any romantic relationship, even divorce.”

Bohn Wildish Divorce Attorneys of Los Angeles and Orange County CA lists GPYB as one of their 20 recommendations of books on divorce.

The Dundalk Institute of Technology in Dublin

The Counseling Center for students chose GPYB as a “book of the week”

The Neutral Ground Support Organization in New York for people going through separation and divorce (not connected to the author in any way) has a group that uses GPYB as their sole reference book for their group.

GPYB is on the List of Recommended Reading by Family Law Network Australia

2010 International Book Awards GPYB was the winner in the Self-Help Relationships category





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