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Recommended iconSome recommendations. These are, I believe, must haves in recovery. For the Melody Beattie and Robin Norwood books, I prefer the second ones but the firsts are required reading.

The grief after death books are here for providing information on grief, and everyone here should know by now that I have adopted Elizabeth Harper-Neeld’s “The Turn” (in Seven Choices) as practically required reading. Additionally, the woman is a professor of literature and the book is so well written, it’s amazing. Plus her bibliography is one of the most in-depth I’ve ever seen. Another is Stephen & Ondrea Levine’s The Grief Process. I attended the workshop where this was recorded and it’s the only thing that soothed me after Michael passed.  If you’re grieving, their work is truly amazing. I kept a diary of Michael’s illness and passing at Rope Burns

The recommendation for Hyperbole and a Half is because it’s a great book that is both funny and sad.  It makes me laugh out loud at times and also makes me want to cry at times. Bill Gates released a list of his favorite books, most of them (of course) business books but Hyperbole and a Half made the list.  It’s a treasure and I give it as a gift whenever I can.

Also recommended here are “adult coloring” books and coloring pencils which helped me SO MUCH when I was anxious. I still have the mandala I did (and never finished) when my first marriage broke up and I couldn’t sit still. Coloring them helped SO MUCH especially with the grief induced anxiety.  I have been recommending them for the past 25 years and suddenly they’ve become in vogue. I still use mandalas and intricate colorings to relieve stress and anxiety so I’ve included some of my favorite suppplies here. If you have hobbies, interests etc. that intrigue you or should be recommended, please let me know. I’d love to know about it! I’ve also added some things that have made my life easier such as Herschel backpacks (I noticed that here in NYC, all the college kids were carrying Herschel so I checked them out and they are awesome).

Yes, I’ve read all these and even had the honor of being a pre-publication reviewer for “The New Codependency.” I was asked by Melody Beattie’s agent, and I was thrilled that she even knew about me since I have been an MB fan a very very long time!

Anyway, these are my recommendations, but if you have a book that has really helped…let me know. But I do not and will not include anything I have not read. I will add a “Reader Recommends” if I’m not familiar with it. I found some of these titles from my readers, so I trust and value your input.

Any questions about the books on the list or if you have a suggestion, leave it in comments on this POST: GPYB Recommends

The links are through our affiliate program (full disclosure) but we don’t make a lot of money from the program (we made $8.00 last month!) and all of it goes back into the site or to help fund a scholarship to bootcamps, seminars and retreats for Domestic Violence victims or others who need the recovery tools (last year we gave a half scholarship for the women’s retreat to a teacher with five kids of her own whose ex was playing footsie with a tootsie and not paying child support). So we do put every cent we receive from affiliate programs into the site.

Even if you’re not buying one of the Recommended books, buying through any of the Amazon links on this site will help us out.  So if you’re buying from Amazon, please click our links to get there.  WE THANK YOU.

I also appreciate GPYB and GBOT reviews.  I am trying really hard to shop my third book and GBOT is not the powerhouse that GPYB is in sales so I need to prove to publishers I’m not a one-trick pony (even though GBOT was their idea, not mine).  So any support (buying/reviewing) you can do for GBOT would e awesome!

For the grief audios I fell asleep every night to the Levine audio using a headband with earphones inside because I wouldn’t fall asleep with ear buds in. I used the Acoustic Sheep pair but I included a less expensive pair here as well. I can’t vouch for the other ones but the Acoustic Sheep were great.

I’ve also included things that really help me such as the Kindle and the backpacks. As an NYC commuter, we are pretty up on things that help us with reading/writing/working on trains and buses etc. I have also included some of my favorite journals and notebooks. ENJOY!!!  BTW…GPYP Workbook is not available via Amazon. It’s available HERE. 

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GPYP Workbook (not on Amazon)

I belong to Kindle Unlimited and actually read most of the books on my phone.It’s a great program.

And I don’t know where my life would be without Amazon Prime. I support small business. I HAVE a small business and tend to shy away from behemoths, but Amazon Prime makes my life run better and their customer service is second to none.