Women’s Fall Healing The Heart GPYB Bootcamp


A 8 week experience healing starting 10/2 for women to work on their relationship addiction/codependency/ getting past a breakup and raising self-esteem / developing boundaries / breaking destructive relationship patterns.

You will learn to TAKE CHARGE, to stop destructive patterns, to DEMAND respsect and attention and to WALK AWAY if you don’t get it. Learn how to set Standards and how to WALK when those standards are not met. Learn healthy communication and relationship patterns. Learn to put YOU first and be a role model to your children, your friends and to insist on love and respect in ALL your relationships.

BOUNDARIES. GOALS. SELF RESPECT and SELF CONFIDENCE. How to navigate any situation. How to present to new people that you are a force to be reckoned with (in a good way).

You will learn SO MUCH in 8 weeks and you will be an entirely different person for friends, families and future relationship partners. Reject the rejecters! Heal Your Heart! Come out of the gate like a WOMAN TO BE RECKONED WITH! Because you WILL BE AFTER THESE 8 WEEKS.

This workshop is patterned after a group I participated in and one I designed after THAT one IRL. I ran this group in person for YEARS and the results were AMAZING for those who were committed and did the work.

But you must must must be ready to do the work, to commit to full participation in the 8 weeks and to your fellow campers…you must be ready to jump into this with EVERYTHING YOU HAVE.

Patterned after the GPYB bootcamp ONLY *more* intense, this course will focus on your codependency, relationship addiction, boundaries and grieving. You will have the opportunity to be a GROUP LEADER and take charge and design a session with other group members. This will teach you to speak out and give and get support. You will be required to journal 5 days a week but can journal 6, participate in private chats and we will try to get video chats going as well. Everyone is required to take one day off from this work and do self-care and then report back to the group – in your journal what you did on self care day. We are going to support you and help you with self care and other fun things…not just all the work.

The books used will be Getting Past Your Breakup, Getting Back Out There, Codependent No More, Women Who Love Too Much, and Women Who Run With Wolves. Relationship addiction, boundaries and raising self-esteem will be a HUGE part of this course. There is an on-line component, a private and secure space to share and to post assignments and journals. We will TRY to arrange video chats. Most video chats happen best with 4 or 5 people so we may break the chats into different groups. Please submit your available evenings below on your registration form. Video chat will happen after 6 pm Eastern time (NYC time) but if you are in another timezone we will work together as a group to include you and find a time that will accommodate everyone. REGISTRATION IS VERY LIMITED and I DON’T KNOW WHEN I WILL HAVE IT OFFERED AGAIN. SIGN UP NOW!!!

About TIME ZONE: You can journal any time day or night and respond to other journals any time day or not so it doesn’t matter what time zone you are in for that. The chats will happen at the time that everyone can line it up. In our last bootcamp we had someone in Europe and she was willing to stay up until 1 am so we scheduled them as early as we could when she was available.

About the price: Unfortunately I have to explain this because a couple of people have criticized the price PUBLICALLY. This workshop is $800 with a $50 discount if you pay upfront. That is $100 a week. I charge more than $100 an hour for counseling. Each of you will have me read your journal entries, design your assignments, read your assignments and participate in chats.

I average between 5 and 7 hours PER PERSON each week, sometimes more if things crop up. I also have to pay for the software for the journals and the chatroom. Both are secure places and I pay for the software that runs them. That’s ON TOP of the attention you receive.

So what you are getting for $100 a week is $500-$700 from me and then your support from the other people. It’s actually worth at least $4000.00

I actually toyed with a $999 price tag which I think would be a fair price, but wanted to figure out the LEAST I could take to make it a fair price and still feel okay about it and that is $100 a week.

This is a very low price for the amount of work that I put into it plus the software. I wish I didn’t have to explain this to people but obviously I do.

If you hesitate AT ALL because of the price, please do not sign up. I want people here who will

1. do the work 2. be committed to the group 3. don’t feel financially pressured or ripped off. THANK YOU.
IF there are multiple bootcamps, your feedback will be due on different nights (that’s the only way I can do it). ¬† That is why no assignment will be accepted late. ¬†EVER.