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Requested Repost. Reader Email. I’m always amazed at what posts my readers remember. They ask for articles I barely remember writing, but here it is.

This post is a mashup of several previous posts. I talk about my ex in this post who was sick at the time. He subsequently passed and only my oldest son attended his wake. The other 2 wanted nothing to do with him.

I am in that place of being angry and wanting my STBX to feel how badly he hurt me. Everyone thinks he is this GREAT guy. I am really and truly not exaggerating either! NO one knows the abusive husband he was behind closed doors as he was always so kind, considerate and respectful of everyone else in his life and careful not to be a jerk to me in public.
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Leaving the Abusive Relationship

stopdvLeaving the Abusive Relationship

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Creative WorkshopI have been doing workshops in NYC since 2006. I LOVE doing them but I used to do them through the Learning Annex and they don’t really support weekend workshops (GPYB/GPYP really needs an entire weekend). I have been asked numerous times to come to x city and do workshops and/or seminars.
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Grief Recycling

Grief is a spiral. But am I going up or coming down?” ~ C.S. Lewis

Requested repost: I write about recycling in GBOT because dating often triggers recycling, but so does an anniversary date, the ex’s birthday, moving into your own place, going on a trip you were supposed to go on together etc etc etc. Many things can trigger recycling.

There is a standard body of grief and loss literature but it’s still evolving. Still, I’ve read most of it over the past 20 years or so. I’ve written countless papers and 3 college theses on grief.

One thing that researchers do agree on is that grief is a process and it can vary wildly from person to person depending on the person, the loss, the type of loss, the person’s history with grieving (or not) and environmental and social factors.
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Bootcamp is closed for now. We have an INCREDIBLE group who are excited to get going! If you’re interested in the bootcamp that starts after this one, see above where you can register early. I know that several people were bummed to have missed it (registration was open for 3 days before it filled) so use the link to register early for the March bootcamp to secure your spot. Because it is far away, you don’t have to pay in full to get the discount. You can leave a deposit and pay in full right before it starts to get the PIF discount.

Due to an unexpected increase in hosting and software, the March bootcamp will be the last one before a price increase.

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useful links keyboard button - business concept

• Join our blog at go to any post and where it says comment, you will see a prompt to Log in or Register. Use this to register. Your first post will be held in moderation but after that you can post freely!

• At the top of GPYB blog you will see a list of valuable resources to help you on your journey. Check it out!

• The GPYP Workbook Instant Download CLICK HERE
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Requested Repost: Betrayal

Betrayal is the willful slaughter of hope. ~ Steven Dietz

Betrayal may be described as simply the breaking of trust. It’s when we trust someone and they break that trust (and usually our hearts at the same time).
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Facebook Group

I created a page for the book when it came out, not knowing what a success it would be! A person who liked the page asked that comments be kept private so her friends didn’t see it, but you can’t do that with a page, only with a group. I started the page solely to give updates on the books and events. But it’s become well liked over the years and I’d hate to close it down.

So I created a GPYB Facebook group. I encourage everyone here to join there. When the membership is large enough, I will change the group to secret but I have a WWL2M secret group and no one is really there because no one really knows about it. But the GPYB Facebook group is closed so you can’t see someone’s post in the group. And, like other groups I belong to, when the membership is over a certain number, I’ll change it to Secret. Please join and share!

The group is here: GPYB Facebook Page

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2017 (3d rendering) new year gold color  in perspective room with sparkling bokeh wall and wooden plank floor,leave space for display of product.

It’s Jan 2nd! First Check in Thread of 2017. Share your status and plans for 2017!

I was away and had a brutal work schedule all through December so I truly appreciate the help and support you guys have given each other. Schedule has died down now and I’m back. Thank you for taking care of each other in my absence. If you’re new, please post in this check-in thread and let us know how you are!!!

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A New Year…a New You

    The annual GPYB New Year’s Post. 2017 New Year background with clock.

    We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives… not looking for flaws, but for potential. – Ellen Goodman

    The most important part of rebuilding after a major breakup is to plan out what comes next. For many it may be hard. We might be feeling lost, alone and not “up” to thinking about being the cheerleaders of our lives. We may be kicking and screaming our way through the idea of going it alone. In the past few weeks we’ve felt absolutely shipwrecked by the holidays. We just want them to be over (and they almost are!)

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Holidays and Happiness

christmas“If we’d stop trying to be happy we could have a pretty good time.” – Edith Wharton

The holidays tend to push someone else’s idea of happiness upon us. We are told this is the “most wonderful time of the year” and half the time we can’t figure out why that is.

What we are told and what we feel about it are often two different things. We feel stressed, hurried, broke and on edge. Continue reading

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Several have emailed me. I have no openings in December and will be posting January openings around the 15th.

January’s schedule is up. Please see above. I am also starting a bootcamp which will have an on-line and a video component and a chat room. Please let me know if you are interested. I have already received several inquiries so if you are interested, please write me immediately. susanje1119 at gmail dot com. Thanks all!

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Registering for the Blog

Sticky’d for those who are new about registering and posting your first comments. Continue reading

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Post-Breakup Holidays

This blog started on November 29, 2006. This post below was one of the first posts and received ASTOUNDING responses from around the globe! I post it every year in December in it’s original – unedited form. Hope it helps.

charlie-brown-christmas_320“I cannot believe I’m alone on Christmas Eve.” – me (December 1987)

We had separated in February. February 10th. I was anxious and depressed and upset through most of February and March. He was being open about his relationship with a woman he worked with. In fact, he introduced our poor, confused children to her and her children less than six weeks after we’d parted.

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12/2 Check in and Questions

Green Check Markmovie director dogI am going to be doing some Questions Post videos this week so feel free to use the check in to ask questions. Just please put QUESTIONS FOR THE QUESTIONS POST in the beginning or end of your check in. THANKS!

You don’t HAVE TO use the Check in Thread for Questions…you can just check in (a former member used to call it the chicken thread…so feel free to chicken… 🙂 )

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