Guide To Letting Go

A 30 page booklet based on aromatherapy and Native American and Eastern cultures on letting go via candles, smudging, water ceremonies, crystals, every day scents.  An expanded version of the chapter in the GPYP workbook

Guide To Letting Go Rituals

This is a 30 page booklet that expands on the chapter in the workbook:

GPYB Letting Go and Cleansing Ritua
Ritual and Letting Go
Memories and Mementos
Aromatherapy, Scents, Crystals, Meditation, Candles and Music
The Power of Scent
Affirmation Candles
Daily Use of Aromatics
Letting Go Rituals: Smudging
Cleansing Ceremonies
Letting Go Suggestions
Some affirmations for letting go