GPYB Bootcamp 2017

March bootcamp is the last one offered at $450.00 (or $425 if you pay in full). Due to an increase in hosting and software fees, the next bootcamp (beg of May) will be priced higher. See bootcamp video at the bottom of this post.

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For the past 2 years I have not offered on-line bootcamps at all and have worked ONLY in-person (NYC) and only through word of mouth. But I continually have requests for people from all over. So I have been seeking solutions to “make it work” on-line and have found a solution which would involve video participation, a private chat room and on-line private sharing in a forum. This way if one mode goes down, we still have 2. But we are more than half way through the Jan boot camp and have had NO issues.

There are assignments from the book every week and we end with the Relationship Inventory and Letting Go exercises. It’s a bootcamp so there is a commitment to be made.

The requirements are that participants journal 4-6 days a week, comment on others’ journals (learning how to give and get support is very important), complete their assignments each week for the full 6 weeks and are available for their video chat night. You don’t HAVE to use the private chat room, but it will be available.

The video night will patterned after the way we do it live, we review our assignments for the week basically. I limit the bootcamps to 6 people otherwise it’s too unwieldy but I am willing to run more than one. If you’re interested, please email me at susanje1119 at gmail dot com Thank you.

Our first bootcamp started Jan 17th and we had IMMEDIATE registrations and closed quickly.

There will be 6 weeks of boot camp – with a private forum, a chat room and on-line video meeting via Google Hangouts. The chat room will always be open but the video component will be once a week. I usually run one bootcamp at a time but have run two.

There is an on-line journaling component and we will do the Relationship Inventory on line as well.

We go through the book and end with the Relationship Inventory and then Letting Go exercise. We do journaling 4-6 days a week and support each other.

The on-line journaling component is very secure and safe.

The chat room is a new component and I urge everyone who is going to sign up to use it and use it a lot.

The way it’s worked in the past if there is more than one bootcamp running is that you have your own section of the forum and your own group. The 2 bootcamps work in tandem but when there is a private chatroom, you are welcome to talk in there no matter what bootcamp you’re in and sometimes people get to know others in the other bootcamp (more support!!!). I’ve not had a problem running more than one bootcamp but I will have to have 2 video chat nights so if you sign up and can’t do a chat on certain nights you have to let me know.

The January bootcamp is full and closed and several people wrote me and said, “Hey! I wanted to sign up!” I apologize that it filled as quickly.

I have the registration up for the March/April bootcamp (starts March 21st).  Bootcamp is usually $450 but there is a $25 discount if you pay in full before bootcamp starts.

March bootcamp is the last one offered at $450.00. Due to an increase in hosting and software fees, the next bootcamp will be priced higher.

Register for March Bootcamp

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Past bootcamper’s reviews:

“I was stalled for a long time. Having to journal every day and learn to support others moved me along. I was an entirely different person in only 6 weeks. It was the best thing I ever did!” – Jessica R.

“I took 2 bootcamps and each time I made a real life friend. I not only moved past my very traumatic breakup (my ex left me for my best friend) but found new, supportive and LOYAL friends!” – Megan N.

“It felt so good to not be alone.” – Christopher R.

“I took the live boot camp with 5 other people who are NOTHING like me in age or occupation and we still get together for dinner once a month or so.” ¬†– Gary W.

“Doing the work in a structured way with a supportive group was amazing.” – Jane F.

“I would not have journaled had I not taken bootcamp and now I can’t do without it. It is so healing.” ¬†– Jerry K.

“It was hard at times but mostly it was healing and kickstarted my recovery from a really bad breakup.” – Carrie C.


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