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Comments back

Okay guys, I received dozens of emails asking for comments and Check-ins to come back. Okay, but you guys have to show me you’re alive out there. One more time…

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March Bootcamp – Registration Closing

I hate to sound the alarm, but March bootcamp is filling up quickly. Also, due to an increase in hosting and software fees, this is the last bootcamp offered at this price.  There will be an increase on the next … Continue reading

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Mail. We Get Mail on Wanting Them To KNow

Requested Repost. Reader Email. I’m always amazed at what posts my readers remember. They ask for articles I barely remember writing, but here it is. This post is a mashup of several previous posts. I talk about my ex in … Continue reading

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Closure Redux

For most of you who have read the book, you know that I talk about closure and “end of the grief process” in different ways. Because they are not the same. To describe the end of the grief process, I … Continue reading

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Leaving the Abusive Relationship

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I have been doing workshops in NYC since 2006. I LOVE doing them but I used to do them through the Learning Annex and they don’t really support weekend workshops (GPYB/GPYP really needs an entire weekend). I have been asked … Continue reading

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Bootcamp is closed for now. We have an INCREDIBLE group who are excited to get going! If you’re interested in the bootcamp that starts after this one, see above where you can register early. I know that several people were … Continue reading

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• Join our blog at go to any post and where it says comment, you will see a prompt to Log in or Register. Use this to register. Your first post will be held in moderation but after that … Continue reading

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Requested Repost: Betrayal

Betrayal is the willful slaughter of hope. ~ Steven Dietz Betrayal may be described as simply the breaking of trust. It’s when we trust someone and they break that trust (and usually our hearts at the same time).

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Facebook Group

I created a page for the book when it came out, not knowing what a success it would be! A person who liked the page asked that comments be kept private so her friends didn’t see it, but you can’t … Continue reading

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It’s Jan 2nd! First Check in Thread of 2017. Share your status and plans for 2017! I was away and had a brutal work schedule all through December so I truly appreciate the help and support you guys have given … Continue reading

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A New Year…a New You

The annual GPYB New Year’s Post. We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to … Continue reading

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Holidays and Happiness

“If we’d stop trying to be happy we could have a pretty good time.” – Edith Wharton The holidays tend to push someone else’s idea of happiness upon us. We are told this is the “most wonderful time of the … Continue reading

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Several have emailed me. I have no openings in December and will be posting January openings around the 15th. January’s schedule is up. Please see above. I am also starting a bootcamp which will have an on-line and a video … Continue reading

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Registering for the Blog

Sticky’d for those who are new about registering and posting your first comments.

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