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I have been deleting spammers from the UK the past 2 days. If you are a legitimate registrant and have a .uk email address, let me know. Otherwise you’re getting deleted.

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Codependency Bootcamp

I did a webinar on Codependency to kick off the Codependency Bootcamp. To see the webinar go here: Codependency Webinar To register for the bootcamp go here: Kicking Codependency Bootcamp Registration

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Codependency Kills

Two years ago I did a Kicking Codependency/Raising Self Esteem on-line bootcamp. It was attended by a few of my individual clients and a few people from the blog. It was an incredible experience for all involved. I thought it … Continue reading

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When We Give and Give and Give and Give….

I was watching Hot Bench and the plaintiff worked her butt off to put the defendant on his feet. When they met he had just gotten out of prison, didn’t have a job, had a suspended license. She paid bills, … Continue reading

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2/26 Check in Post

How is everyone doing? Please check in!

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Karma: Not Always the Bitch We Want It To Be

Many of you would like the ex to “get theirs” or at least not seem so irritatingly happy or non-plussed. First, this is a normal and natural emotion but don’t dwell there. Second, they will get theirs only you don’t … Continue reading

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Trusting Yourself

The 1996 photo was taken during our wedding vows. The 2007 photo was taken dancing at my son’s wedding. We looked at each other with as much, if not more love, than on our wedding day. The years between had … Continue reading

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Registering – Even if you have been registered

In trying to move spammers and sploggers off the blog – which takes a lot of time each week – the user directory was culled back and you may need to re-register. I apologize for any inconvenience but the number … Continue reading

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Making Peace with the Peace

Your true traveller finds boredom rather agreeable than painful. It is the symbol of his liberty – his excessive freedom. He accepts his boredom, when it comes, not merely philosophically, but almost with pleasure. – Aldous Huxley When difficult times … Continue reading

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1/29 Check in Post

Check in! Okay everyone who emailed me about the check-in web going away needs to post how they are!!! ­čÖé

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Comments back

Okay guys, I received dozens of emails asking for comments and Check-ins to come back. Okay, but you guys have to show me you’re alive out there. One more time…

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March Bootcamp – Registration Closing

I hate to sound the alarm, but March bootcamp is filling up quickly. Also, due to an increase in hosting and software fees, this is the last bootcamp offered at this price. ┬áThere will be an increase on the next … Continue reading

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Mail. We Get Mail on Wanting Them To KNow

Requested Repost. Reader Email. I’m always amazed at what posts my readers remember. They ask for articles I barely remember writing, but here it is. This post is a mashup of several previous posts. I talk about my ex in … Continue reading

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Leaving the Abusive Relationship

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I have been doing workshops in NYC since 2006. I LOVE doing them but I used to do them through the Learning Annex and they don’t really support weekend workshops (GPYB/GPYP really needs an entire weekend). I have been asked … Continue reading

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