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8/22 Check in Post

How is everyone doing??

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On Rising Up From the Ashes

This was one of the first posts I wrote on the blog. I wrote the long saga of how the blog became a book over the past few days (under To Publication under pages, not that I expect anyone to … Continue reading

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GPYB Recommends

Several people have asked, over the past month, for a reading “list.” I threw something together this morning for someone who is traveling this evening but will add to it later and over the weekend. It’s here: GPYB Recommends and … Continue reading

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Book #3 Contributions

For those who are new, I’m writing a new book based on this post: New instructions for sharing your story & please resend if you already have:

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Life Isn’t Fair. Never Has Been. Never Will Be.

Grief is an important part of moving on. It’s important to feel as bad as you really feel. It’s important to give credence to your grief and your hurt. But it’s also important to take time out (especially as the … Continue reading

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August NC CHIPS!!!!!!

We did our last NC chip post toward the end of June so I skipped July.  But now we have a few new people struggling with NC, so please share trials, tribulations, successes, how you did it and what you’re … Continue reading

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8/11 Check In

We’re just about half way through August. How is everyone doing? The GPYB Facebook Page The GPYB Psychology Today Page The GPYB YouTube Channel

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Recovering From Bad Love

I run this a couple of times a year. It’s from Women Who Love Too Much but it can be applied for anyone recovering from unhealthy relationships. These are signs that you are INDEED recovering. As someone who went from … Continue reading

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Rejection & The Hit To Self-Esteem

I wrote this a long time ago, but it’s true today. And I’m writing the new book which is ALL about rejection and rejecting the rejection. And this is for Football Girl and anyone else who needs it. I have … Continue reading

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Go to any post and click on comment. It will ask you to login or sign up. That’s the easiest way to register. If it doesn’t send you a password, write me at AT (yes there are 2 … Continue reading

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Reboot Pathological Narcissist

I’m working on the NPD section of the new book, and edited and reworked the Pathological Narcissist post. It’s here: The Pathological Narcissist Feel free to share your experiences!

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Uh…NO…Trolls Will Troll

A Twitter troll (not interested in anything that I’ve done, just a bunch of empty noise) said that having “aromatherapy” in my profile damages my credibility. This whole thing started as a mission to make healthy products for my family. … Continue reading

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First, welcome to the blog! Second, if you have trouble registering, email me at AT gmail DOT com

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7/19 Check in Thread

How is everyone doing? If you posted recently in the last check in thread, feel free to repost here!

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The Personality Disordered Ex and The Court System

I have been receiving a lot of email and comments on this post.  I am rewriting it now based on some feedback. If you have had this experience, and want to share, please let me know. The Personality Disordered Co … Continue reading

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