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Due to the on-going issues with registration and Word Press, I will post some new posts here on occasion, but will publish new articles mainly on Psychology Today. For the PT articles, go to THIS LINK.

We have a very active and supportive group on Facebook and have moved discussion/support to the Facebook group at

Please join us there! It is a CLOSED group and will not show up on your TL and your friends/family won’t know you are there. We take the privacy extremely seriously. There are group guidelines and though there are a lot of groups on FB that may be a free-for-all, this one is not. We have a group conscience and a group structure and are there for support and help and sometimes tough love, but we discourage in-fighting, baiting or being an arsehole.

IF you are not on FB because you left FB to not see your ex in your friends’ posts, I understand that, but you can block those friends. If you’re not on FB and they don’t expect to see you there, they’re not going to know you blocked them. I know that blocking the ex, the ex’s family and mutual friends is hard, but if you’re not on FB for that reason, just go on and block them.

To keep the FB group safe, I don’t approve brand-new FB accounts with no friends. BUT, if you’ve never used FB but are registered on the blog, send me your FB name and I will approve you for the group. Email gpyb DOT com AT gmail DOT com (yes, two dot coms). You can also reach me via the contact form on Psychology Today. Go to any GPYB/GBOT article and hit the Contact button.

Please see this link above for other links to GPYB resources…our videos, Psychology Today posts and others!

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