Although I received many requests to revive the blog comments after I shut it down to new comments after the Facebook group was formed (the FB group is closed so none of your friends will see your posts), there is still not a good number of comments and that bothers me because new people come here looking for support. I’m giving it another few days and if the commenting doesn’t pick up, I’m shutting down comments once and for all. If you’re new and need support, please visit the FB group. Thanks.

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  1. sophia says:

    hi susan, i actually check couple of times in a day whether there is a new post on the blog. And i am trying to check whether there is any new comments on the latest posts as well. I think unless you make a “check in” post, people refrain from making a comment and also since we do not receive any notitfication when there is a new comment/respons, unless there is a new comment on the latest posts we are most probably missing the new ones.
    Is there a chance that you create a seperate section like “comments or update or forum” on the right side of the blog; we can pop in and write as many as how we feel etc. since it will always stay there and comments will be cummulated in there it will be easier to follow up for us too. (I am just suggesting although i appreciate the fact that it will be technically difficult, i am thinking that it will cheer up the spirit on the blog and we will be very attentive).
    I really like this blog and comments section. Please do not shut down the comments section. Loads of love from turkey.

  2. maemae says:

    Hi Susan-
    I too am new here and find the comments from others very helpful. Sophia has a good idea if it’s technically possible.
    Thanks for all you do…

  3. maemae says:

    Sorry- forgot to mention this in the above comment. Using the option of looking into the FB group won’t work for me. at least while I’m still trying to go NC. I’m not on FB as I find it way too tempting to look at him and/or his friends and it brings me crashing back down every time.

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