Creative WorkshopI have been doing workshops in NYC since 2006. I LOVE doing them but I used to do them through the Learning Annex and they don’t really support weekend workshops (GPYB/GPYP really needs an entire weekend). I have been asked numerous times to come to x city and do workshops and/or seminars.

Doing anything in NYC is expensive. It’s expensive for me and therefore, expensive for you. Not only do you have to COME HERE if you don’t live here but you pay a higher premium for the course because space cost so much. A few times I’ve managed to reduce it by getting sponsors but getting sponsors requires sales which I am NOT good at by any means.

I LOVE doing it live. I love meeting you guys, I love the Saturday evening dinners we do as a group…it’s GREAT. But the costs have gotten to be prohibitive. I didn’t do one workshop or seminar in 2016 because I’ve usually broken even but would lose on the prices or have to price it so high no one could afford it.

I’m going to do a trial of on-line workshops / seminars this year. It won’t be the same. Live weekend workshops are an immersive experience…you live/eat/breathe GPYB for 3 days and come away as if you were working in intensive therapy for months. I’m still going to do women’s retreats live because there is no way to recreate that amazing experience on-line, but I’m going to try workshops and seminars on-line for a while. I’m working on a few free webinars to introduce the various courses.

The QUESTION for all of you is: yes I’m going to do a full-blown GPYB workshop – that will be my first course offering…and I hope to do the first one live and then it will be available for you to take on your own…I am also going to do an affirmation workshop…but what else would you like to see by way of a seminar or workshop?

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  1. Katy says:

    Susan, would it be feasible for you to offer your workshops in different cities? I’ve been to many workshops given at hotels where a meeting room was booked and then attendees got a special rate on rooms. I’ve been to workshops in Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Boston, and Chicago. Our veterinarian goes to lots of conferences and I know he’s recently been to Minneapolis and Austin and enjoyed both of them. I used to travel for my job, and I agree that NYC is a very daunting place to travel – smaller cities are cheaper and tend to be easier to navigate for visitors.

    • Susan J. Elliott says:

      Thank you for your thoughts! I have done them in other cities. When I was traveling as an attorney I would try to synchronize them for when I’d be traveling on business. I would stay the weekend to give a seminar which wasn’t too bad because I only had to pay the difference between my Friday airfare home that the firm paid for and my Sunday airfare and a lot of times there was no difference. And I paid for the extra hotel nights as well.

      Now the problem is usually rolling my travel expenses into the price which then makes it almost the same price as NYC (where I don’t need to worry about planes/hotels). I did a workshop in Phoenix for a private group. It was a group of divorced women who had become a support group. They wanted me to come out and give a weekend seminar. They arranged the group. I actually gave it at the clubhouse of one of the members’ condo community (it was lovely). They put the group together, investigated the airfare/hotel and then offered me payment of what they would pay for the seminar. It was more than I usually make on any seminar and I did next to no work. Very unusual though.

      Usually in a smaller city there are smaller populations or people don’t want to travel TO there (NYC is a draw and many will arrange a few days vacation when they come for a seminar). Because I don’t know most cities, I can’t tell if I’m getting a good deal or I’m getting a deal in a rough part of town that no one will travel to. I’ve worked for years on this and find it daunting every time.

  2. SMWT says:

    Susan, I have recently been rejected once again by the same man. Did I know this would happen, probably but had my head in the sand as “he came back”. I have wasted 30 years of my life and need a way out so I can find someone who really loves me. Your blog and videos give me hope. I have registered for the spring workshop and know it will be hard work. I have downloaded the workbook and will start the process so that I am better prepared for the spring session.

    Thank you for helping so many of us.

    • Susan J. Elliott says:

      Thank you so much. The bootcamps ARE a lot of work but they are healing on the FAST TRACK. Thank you for doing the work beforehand. It will be very useful for the bootcamp! I will be posting free webinars as well as workshops in the next few weeks.

      The workbook v2 is also going to be available in the next few weeks. I will let everyone know the differences between the two so they can decide if they want to purchase the new one at a discount (if you have V1). Stay tuned for more and thank you for being here!

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