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I created a page for the book when it came out, not knowing what a success it would be! A person who liked the page asked that comments be kept private so her friends didn’t see it, but you can’t do that with a page, only with a group. I started the page solely to give updates on the books and events. But it’s become well liked over the years and I’d hate to close it down.

So I created a GPYB Facebook group. I encourage everyone here to join there. When the membership is large enough, I will change the group to secret but I have a WWL2M secret group and no one is really there because no one really knows about it. But the GPYB Facebook group is closed so you can’t see someone’s post in the group. And, like other groups I belong to, when the membership is over a certain number, I’ll change it to Secret. Please join and share!

The group is here: GPYB Facebook Page

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  1. whms375 says:

    Awesome! Thank you, Susan!! 🙂

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