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Okay guys, I received dozens of emails asking for comments and Check-ins to come back. Okay, but you guys have to show me you’re alive out there. One more time…

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3 Responses to Comments back

  1. topf says:

    Thanks, Susan! I didn’t email you but I was sad the comments and the check-ins were gone. I don’t like facebook. It has been sucking my day dry and I am trying to give it up. Also, I only use it to keep in touch with certain people and have too little friends for you to think my account is not fake.

    What do you mean we show you we are real people out there? Is there some requisite for us to post here that I somehow missed? Please let me know =)

    • Susan J. Elliott says:

      I don’t do FB most of the time so I hear you. I am trying to keep up with the group without getting sucked into my friends’ lives. I started the group because so many had asked me for so long and as soon as I did, 50 people signed up! I was like, whoa.

      No, there is no prerequisite for you to post here. I just went a few days without seeing any comments and I’m so busy, it’s hard to keep checking in and not seeing anything. I am bringing all my workshops, seminars, courses etc to the web this year and it’s SO MUCH WORK to transfer all my material as well as make new materials. So I needed to pare down to where the most action was taking place and that’s in the courses and in the FB group. But I received emails from a lot of people I know have NEVER commented here before – saying they missed the comments…so I’m hoping they jump in now. I honestly can’t keep every single avenue alive forever so I hope everyone lets me know they want this to continue here.

      • topf says:

        I get it now. Thanks for bringing the comments back! And thanks for all the work you do for us. It’s really appreciated!

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