2017 Courses/Bootcamps/Seminars/Retreats

2017 is an exciting year for GPYB. We are bringing all of our offerings online with the exception of the women’s retreat. We are also bringing back the Kicking Codependency/Raising Self-Esteem bootcamp.

March Bootcamp 2017 Only 2 slots left!

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Kicking Codependency/Raising Self-Esteem Register HERE

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Power Affirmations! Change Your Self Image in 30 Days!

Affirmations written correctly, combined in a certain way, and said every day have the power to change your life, help you reach your goals and move you toward becoming the person you were meant to be. In this court:

Learn the GPYP OPC method

Learn how to identify even “non-obvious” negative self-talk

Learn to write extremely POWERFUL pro-active affirmations

Learn mantras, “acceptance statements,” “even though statements” and other positive self-talk techniques

Learn to put it ALL TOGETHER in the most efficient and powerful way!

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The Full GPYB Course 8 Modules Choose from 12

The GPYB 8 Module course has been taught in New York City – live – for 10 years. The course ran once a week for 8 weeks and was limited to 6 people (I would occasionally stretch it to 8 when 2 or 3 people would sign up simultaneously at the last minute). There was no private coaching and no ability to work at your own pace or not participate in modules you were not interested in. The course price was $1600.00 or approximately $200.00 a module. The course was always full and there was normally a wait list.

The Full GPYB Course

Choose 4 Modules from those available

GPYB Introduction (required)


Affirmations I

Affirmations II

The Emotions of Grief After A Breakup (required)

Self Care: Soothing the Voices Within

No Contact: The Way to Wellness

What About The Children: Being the Best Parent Under Trying Circumstances

Boundaries, Standards and Compatibility Inventory

Relationship Inventory (required)

Life Inventory/Parent Inventories

Goals: Planning and Achieving

Letting Go and Moving On (required)

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