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Sticky’d for those who are new about registering and posting your first comments.

I know it’s not straightforward. Go to any post and click Comments. On the bottom of the screen is a comments box that says “You must be logged in to comment” with logged in hyerlinked. Click the logged in hyperlink. On THAT screen it will say Register or Lost Your Password. Click Register. You should be good to go. Your first comment will go to moderation to avoid spammers. Any comment with a hyperlink (no matter how long you’ve been on the blog) will go to comment jail. So please use hyperlinks sparingly in your comments to avoid extended stints in comment jail.

If you are in moderation and keep posting, I WILL get to your comment. If you keep reposting, it will NOT show up and the spam filter will flag you as a spammer. Any issues, please email me at gpyb DOT com AT gmail DOT com. THANK YOU!

PS.The best place to introduce yourself is in the Check-in thread. If you check-in at the end of one, feel free to copy and paste into the new one. It’s perfectly okay to duplicate your posting if it gets buried and doesn’t get replies. We’re here for support…and don’t want anyone to feel slighted.

If you are not yet approved and post multiple comments, you will be flagged as a spammer and I only clean out the spam filter every few days. My apologies but that is how the spam filter works and 99 percent of the time it keeps this site safe which is its job.

And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – no matter where you are in the healing process – please help and support each other especially during the holiday season. THANKS ALL!

A hurt shared is halved, a joy shared is doubled. Please share your hurt and help others find their joy…it will be there!!! Please take care of each other!

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9 Responses to Registering for the Blog

  1. iwilluvagain says:

    Susan thank you! I’ve been in a relationship with a narcissist for five years, for the last year and a half he lived with me and at the end of September 2016 he unexpectedly moved out and quit his job and left the state and Went back to Southern California to live with his parents . The first two weeks that he was gone I blocked his phone number and was in full NC and beginning to move forward but then I made the mistake and Unblocked his phone number and all the pursuing and the loving and the care and the attention came back but I know it’s not real so why can’t I break away from him? I’m really struggling with low self-esteem and feeling like I got played. And asking myself how could I fall in love with such a fucking asshole???
    I am successful person who is confident and independent but this person has sucked everything out of me and I want it back!!
    I live in Colorado and wish I could create some kind of support group or something for the woman who are in the same place

    I picked up your book about three years ago when I was getting over him the first time that he left. I Didn’t make it through the entire book before he came back saying all the right things and doing all the right things. I let him move in with me thinking that he would changed then A year and a half later this past September he emailed me letting me know he was moving out in 9 days. I was devastated. I went and bought your book again and started reading it. Your book is my lifeline right now and I don’t know what I would do without it. It gives me encouragement and support to know that I’m not the only person out there thats ever gone through a horribly sad break up. I’m still not sure how I could fall in love with such an asshole but I did I truly loved him. I now know that going no contact is permanent and forever and because of your book I’ve put a support system in place to keep me strong in those moments when I do want to reach out to him. And in that moment I say to myself it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter. I am so grateful to you that you wrote that book. I believe that I will find love again I just don’t know when but I will. I watch your YouTube videos and I read your articles and I read your book please don’t stop doing what you’re doing you are such an encouragement and a support system for those women out there like me who are adults successful independent women that fell in love with men that do not have their best interest at heart and end up being devastated and feeling like what the fuck did I do??? This time I am going to read your book completely to the end before I ever even think about dating again. I have to realign myself I have to create a new normal for my life otherwise I’m just going to continue creating the same type of relationship that I had before and I’m not doing that anymore. Thank you for giving me the tools with your book thank you thank you thank you
    I hope to hear from someone so o know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Thank you for the read

    • Tina says:

      I totally understand, I’m going though something similar, I’ve been no contact for about 40 days, he sent me a stupid text about 35 days ago and I never responded, I’m so hurt right now but I know he is so wrong for me. I am a very successful woman and I get so frustrated by being so upset by this!

  2. Susan J. Elliott says:

    Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on the NC wagon! You can do this!

  3. Michelle says:

    .Hi everyone! I’m new to this blog and really looking for a support system to move on from ex boyfriend. I just bought the book tonight “getting past your breakup” so far it’s great but I’m scared it’s not going to work for me. I loved him and honestly thought there was a happy future with us. I really want to stick to the NC rule but scared I’ll fail

  4. Michelle says:

    Hi everyone! I’m new to this blog and really looking for a support system to move on from ex boyfriend. I just bought the book tonight “getting past your breakup” so far it’s great but I’m scared it’s not going to work for me. I loved him and honestly thought there was a happy future with us. I really want to stick to the NC rule but scared I’ll fail

    • Susan J. Elliott says:

      Hi Michelle! Welcome to the blog. As many here will tell you, a positive mindset is SO important! We say, around here, ALL the time: YOU CAN DO THIS! You must must must believe you can, because you CAN!!! It works if you work it and you can do this..!!! HONEST! Glad you are here.

  5. kats0791 says:

    Hello! I am SUPER excited for the BOOTCAMP. I signed up yesterday. I’ve been a GPYB’er for over a year now. I have the book, audio book and work-book printed out and in a binder – and a well-worn journal of ‘my truths’ and ‘letters I will never send’ … and notes & quotes willing me to survive. I am now ready to THRIVE.

    • Susan J. Elliott says:

      You will love this group! It’s FANTASTIC! the people in the bootcamp are all really ready to do the work. AWESOME!

  6. kyla711 says:

    Hi Everyone,

    My boyfriend of almost 4 years texted me last night saying he “needed some time to himself to figure things out.” Although he was rather aloof and guarded these past several weeks, last night completely caught me off guard. I am beyond devastated and the ability to get over him seems like a goal I’ll never be able to achieve. I can barely hold myself together and although I’ve purchased Getting Past Your Breakup and am going to read and follow it with an open mind and heart, I still keep wishing my ex will come back to me and we’ll be able to continue on with our relationship. One way or the other, I just want to heal – it’s so agonizing to feel so much pain. I just want it to go away.

    Anyway, thank you Susan and community in advance for helping get through the most difficult time in my life.

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